[Grok-dev] Re: Installing TextIndexNG3 with Grok

Kevin Smith kevin at mcweekly.com
Tue Jun 26 12:01:26 EDT 2007

Zope3's full text index *is* supported using hurry.query.query.Text. 
Zcatalog is a zope2 thing.

As of a few months ago,  textindexng-3  did not work with Zope3.  It 
looks like the integration code fell out of step. I'm hoping to have 
some time to spend on it next quarter as I would like to use it on one 
of my projects.


Kevin Smith

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> I am trying to get to grips with the plain Zope Text Index first. 
> Andreas Jung pointed me to some zope 3 sample code (with explanations 
> in german :)).
> Have I understood it correctly that hurry.query currently hasn't 
> implemented support of the standard full text index of zcatalog?
> Mvh Sebastian
> 26 jun 2007 kl. 15.39 skrev Martijn Faassen:
>> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>>> I want to install TextIndexNG3, can I just follow the standard Zope 
>>> 3 installation instructions as described...
>>> http://opensource.zopyx.com/helpcenter/textindexng-3/installing-textindexng-3 
>>> ...or do I have to perform some additional configuration for Grok?
>> If you use grok.Indexes, you need to actually add an index of your 
>> own. Take a look at grok's index.py (at the bottom) for two examples.
>> For experimenting sake, you could modify your copy of grok so it also 
>> provides an index definition for textindexng.
>> For release and production, I wouldn't want this inside Grok though, 
>> as I think relying on textindexng may be a step too far for Grok at 
>> this point in time. I'd suggest writing an extension package called 
>> 'megrok.textindexng' that provides an IndexDefinition for 
>> TextIndexNG, and a dependency to textindexng in its setup.py (I'm 
>> hoping that textindexng is somewhere in the cheeseshop or 
>> download.zope.org).
>> Alternatively you can install the index manually in the Zope 3 
>> catalog. The utility doctests show you how to do this. It'd be nice 
>> if this were integrated into the indexes subsystem, however.
>> Note that Zope 3 (and Grok) already ships with a text index that, 
>> while somewhat less powerful than textindexng, still should have 
>> quite a few features.
>> Regards,
>> Martijn
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