[Grok-dev] ANN: megrok.quarry

kevin at mcweekly.com kevin at mcweekly.com
Wed May 2 03:40:05 EDT 2007

Hi List,

Megrok.quarry is an experimental skins and layers implementation  
available today for Grok.  It features the ability to re-use templates  
from any package or module on the python path using dotted notation.

Also included is a Viewlets implementation based on Lennart Regebro's  
megrok.viewlet package but enhanced to be more view-like. So familiar  
functions like url are available along with all of the new ones like  
template and layer.

See the README.txt for details.

Current Enhancements

* quarry.template directive enhancement

* quarry.View (a skin-aware version of grok.View)

* quarry.layer directive

* quarry.Layer grokker

* quarry.Skin grokker

* quarry.ViewletManager, quarry.Viewlet (based on Lennart Regebro's  

* quarry.viewletmanager directive


Comments, questions, critiques and patches welcome.

Best regards,

Kevin Smith

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