[Grok-dev] beginners questions...

Oliver Oli oliver.oli at gmail.com
Tue May 8 10:09:43 EDT 2007


I stumbled upon Grok and I had to try it (end of April). Today I
wanted to update to the newest version, but it doesn't build anymore
(same problem with  0.9dev-r74877 package and svn trunk):

zc.buildout.easy_install: Got zope.event 3.3.0
Couldn't find index page for 'zope.app' (maybe misspelled?)
zc.buildout.easy_install: Getting new distribution for zope.app
  Installing instance
  Getting distribution for zope.app
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for zope.app.

With an older version, that compiled fine, the show stopper was the
absolute links that Grok (or Zope) uses in the web admin interface. I
tried to use Grok through a reverse proxy (nginx), but the absolute* links prevented it. Is there a way to force
relative links or set the host name and port number?

Is anyone working on better documentation (or any documentation at all
beside the tutorials).

Is there any way of avoiding stopping and restarting the zope server,
when doing development?

Last question: How is the performance of Grok? Is there any overhead
in comparison to plain Zope 3? Has anyone done a comparison with
Django or Rails?

Besides that I think it's impressive what you achieved in just a view months.

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