[Grok-dev] What is Grok anyways... time for a name change? :)

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed May 9 06:39:46 EDT 2007


If I hadn't spent hours of research and a great deal of time with  
Zope 2, I would never have understood what relationship Grok has to  
Zope 3. Whereas this might be due to my personal limitations, I think  
it is mainly because of the choice of identity.

What is Grok? A tool for cavemen who want to use Zope 3? Doesn't  
sound very comforting. I am still not entirely sure -- what is Grok?  
As Zope 3 evolves, does Grok evolve too? In an other direction? Does  
stuff for Zope 3 work with Grok?

 From an identity point of view, the clear separation of the Grok  
(name) from Zope 3 results in neither effort helping the other. What  
would you rather evaluate:

-Turbo Gears
-Zope 3

When in fact Grok and Zope 3 are based on the same mature code base  
and could be evaluated as two development styles -- whatever suits  
your shop. And the connection could be reflected right in the name  
such as "Grok-on-Zope3". Now THAT would make it a lot less like Yet  
Another Python Framework... and a lot more like... hmmm...  
intereseting... what's the twist?

Rounding off with a small Yet Another Python Framework warning...
"YAPF is a web application framework for Python developers. It is  
aimed at both beginners and very experienced web developers. YAPF has  
an emphasis on agile development. YAPF is easy and powerful."

...only the original swaps GROK for YAPF... ;)

Regards Sebastian Ware

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