[Grok-dev] What is Grok anyways... time for a name change? :)

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed May 9 07:30:56 EDT 2007

Thank's for your quick reply.

I just want to recall the saying "it's all in the name".

I think 99% of all the developer that will encounter Grok will do so  
first by the name. Only a small fraction of them will visit the  
website and whatever riches that might be found there.

Thus, I think it is paramount to have the relationship to Zope 3  
stated right there in the name. Because this is what really sets Grok  
apart from other python frameworks.

If Mochikit makes Javascript suck less... then "Grok puts a twist on  
Zope 3" and in both cases, the curious will want to know how...

Alternatively, you could use lots of marketing dollars/hours on  
trying to educate developers around the world. ;)

Regards Sebastian

9 maj 2007 kl. 13.16 skrev Oliver Oli:

> Hi Sebastian,
> I think a name change it's not needed and I think the website makes it
> quite clear that it's based on Zope 3:
> "Grok accomplishes this by being based on Zope 3, an advanced
> object-oriented web framework. While Grok is based on Zope 3, and
> benefits a lot from it, you do not need to know Zope at all in order
> to get productive with Grok."
> "Now even cavemen can use Zope 3"
> But I agree with you, that it should not be advertised as just another
> web framework that somhow is based on Zope, but it doesn't matter
> anyway, because you don't have to know Zope. I would like to know more
> about the relationship between Grok and Zope. What's the difference
> between Grok and for example Django or Rails? What makes Grok special?
> What about ZODB vs. RDBMS?

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