[Grok-dev] Re: Benefits of Grok -- please contribute

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed May 16 16:51:22 EDT 2007

Luciano Ramalho wrote:
> On 5/15/07, Lennart Regebro <regebro at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Well, it's fully possible to make an automated export of objects that
>> have schemas. That could be a marketing tool.
> I was thinking about that yesterday, Lennart. A cool demo to have on
> the Grok or Zope 3 site would be a tool that generated the SQL CREATE
> and INSERT commands necessary to extract data in bulk from the ZODB.

Before we can use all this for marketing is to have someone to actually 
write it. :)

Another route you could walk (that I've walked before) is to enable XML 
export of data. Now I'm sitting on some code that can help with that, 
but it's awaiting the finishing of martian integration. :)



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