[Grok-dev] Re: towards a new grok.zope.org (volunteering YOU)

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed May 16 18:03:53 EDT 2007

Hi Martijn,

> I think the threads started by Sebastian have quite a bit of useful text 
> we can mine and rewrite into a coherent piece of content for the grok 
> site. We need to come up with a plan for doing it.
> I'm going to try to coordinate some people in the hope it's welcome:

Most definitely.

> * Sebastian and Martin, can you two devise a way to go systematically 
> through the threads for the texts? This should result in restructured 
> text documents. Martin seems to have an eye for the lightheartedness and 
> honesty we should keep in the text, so he can ensure we keep it. I'll 
> also help reviewing the text.

I'll try to look through it and find the bits I like. I don't know how 
to write reST, I consider it an abomination, but I'll collate and forward.

> * Sebastian, you're already working on the site, so that's excellent! :) 
> I hope Martin will continue reviewing it.

I will. My powers of scrutiny and criticism are great.

> * Kevin Teague, can you keep an eye on the layout being developed by 
> Sebastian? I hope Sebastian doesn't banish the caveman theme too much. 

Me neither. I also think it's important that we don't look like a 
project with an identity crisis (or a split personality).

> I'd like to retain some of the fun. Hopefully together with Sebastian we 
> can come up with some layout elements that don't look too off-putting 
> for managers, but retain the playfulness.

Definitely. It should look professional, but light-hearted. They are not 

When it comes to text, I think we need to be careful about the "too many 
cooks" problem. At the very least, each section needs to have one author 
and one voice. Maybe logically different parts of the site can have 
different maintainers, and of course we can all make tweaks here and 
there, but, quite frankly, I think it'd be best if we collated messages 
and quotes and got one person (my vote would be Martijn or Kevin) to 
write it into a narrative, which we could then critique and tweak.

Other parts, e.g. the tutorial, may be owned by different people (I 
nominate Philipp...).

Those are my opinions anyway. :p

I'll try to collate and organise messages and quotes by the weekend.


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