[Grok-dev] Re: Skinning/themeing

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri May 18 05:53:41 EDT 2007

Hey Martin,

Since you say yourself you weren't very clear, could you summarize your 
proposal? My first reactions:

* I think Grok should stay out of the business of providing standard 
templates and slots for the time being. You can argue Grok needs to 
provide standard policy here, and it's not a bad argument. I'm just 
worried we'd be locking in on a solution too soon.

* I agree with Kevin Smith that deliverance is overkill for many use 
cases. *If* we can make this install beautifully out of the box and *if* 
there is no additional overhead for the developer because he's dealing 
with two processes and two ways of doing things then this might be okay, 
but we'd need to see this work first before we recommend this as a pattern.

* In the invention category there are some ideas floating around 
concerning views on HTML page fragments. That is, they're mostly 
floating around in my own head, inspired by Genshi's match templates. Of 
course since there is nothing there yet macros/slots are still the way 
to go.

A better UI theming experience is one of the areas where I think Grok 
might want to do some innovation above what's already available in Zope 
3 land. Both my ideas and integrating deliverance would classify as 
innovation. Deliverance is definitely a more proven technology at this 
stage, of course.



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