[Grok-dev] summary templating/skinning discussion

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon May 21 19:31:50 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I think we have a broad consensus about your next step from the skinning 
discussion. Intent has been communicated and perspectives are exchanged. 
Noses are pointing in more or less the same direction. Now let's try to 
get a bit more concrete:

a) start integrating some of Kevin Smith's skinning work into the Grok core

b) investigate Kevin Smith's templating work for inclusion in the Grok 
core. I want to be careful whether we don't offer too many philosophies 
at the same time.

c) carefully think through viewlets and think about what these would 
look like in the Grok core.

d) make Grok template-language neutral

e) experiment with Match Views/deliverance style theming

Kevin, what do you think needs to be done for a)? I'm quite interested 
in starting that integration work, as I have the impression we're quite 
far along in this.

b) and c) will need some percolation time in all our minds. I'd be happy 
to see someone volunteer writing a concrete proposal for these. But 
beware, if you write a proposal I'm going to try to get you on the hook 
for implementing it. :)

d) needs experimentation and some concrete development effort. We need 
to take 2 template languages besides ZPT and integrate them. I say 2 as 
1 beyond ZPT is not enough to test whether we have a good story. We need 
to investigate the Smorgasbord effort that started up - I need to dig up 
some links to that work from my mailbox. I'm interested in trying to 
start this work up at the post-EuroPython sprint, but I'd be happy to 
see work happen today.

e) needs lots of experimentation before we know where we're going with 
this. Could be part of the EuroPython sprint as well.



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