[Grok-dev] Re: Organizing the further development effort

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri May 25 03:13:43 EDT 2007

This suggestion might be absolutely nuts, but... how about setting up  
a paypal account where one could donate to the documentation project.

Maybe it would also be possible to outsource the docs writing so as  
to get a reasonable bang for the buck, say in India, Polen, Russia,  
or the Baltic states. This way maybe the core brains could keep focus  
on the core development but we would still have momentum in the docs  
department. If these guys keep an eye on the test code as well, they  
could double as a lightweight QA-team.

I would without hesitation donate EUR 100 to such an effort if I knew  
others would too. Maybe I could even se which revisions I have  
sponsored :) that would be fun and cool.

Regards Sebastian

25 maj 2007 kl. 01.29 skrev Philipp von Weitershausen:

> Malthe Borch wrote:
>> Is work being done in the department? Perhaps we could aim for  
>> something like the jquery website. Great documentation would also  
>> spawn some attention to the project as a whole.
> (now replying about the 2nd half which, I gather, the subject is  
> about)
> Yes, we badly need a reference. JW Kolman has volunteered to look  
> into it. Improving Grok's docs is also part of the task list of  
> *both* Grok-related Google Summer of Code projects that we're  
> mentoring this year.
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