[Grok-dev] Re: Organizing the further development effort

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri May 25 14:38:39 EDT 2007

Hi Uli!

I have proposed a new site design for grok.zope.org. I would be happy  
to give some feedback on the admin interface too. I could probably  
also supply some graphics bits and pieces so we could make it look  
nice(r than any other admin interface on the planet...:p).

I would also be interested in discussing the use of AJAX in the  
admin. I have used a really simple method myself (with the help of  
Mochikit) which gives excellent degradation for browsers without  
Javascript and hardly requires any AJAXification of the underlying code.

All I want in return is an inside on when you are explicitly lying in  
the docs... I am so easily fooled... ;)

Regards Sebastian

25 maj 2007 kl. 19.03 skrev Uli Fouquet:

> Hello Grokkers,
> On Fri, 2007-05-25 at 10:28 +0200, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> Not a bad idea. Note that Google is paying two students to spend  
>> serious
>> time on Grok documentation.
> That's right. I am one of the students and this might be a good
> opportunity to introduce myself in brief and say "hello" to all of  
> you.
> I am living in lovely "Rheinland" (the area around Cologne) in  
> Germany,
> currently doing my Ph.D. in cultural studies at the University of  
> Bonn.
> Nevertheless I got the permission from university to participate in  
> the
> Google Summer of Code and am quite excited about this chance to get in
> touch with all those famous brains in the grok development team. It
> would be really great, if I could help grok to become even more  
> popular
> among users, developers and also in companies and organizations.
> My project's primary aim is to implement an improved admin-UI for grok
> as well as improving the documentation. My mentor is Philipp von
> Weitershausen. It is of course an honour for me to work with Philipp.
> Please allow me to give you a short overview of what is planned  
> from my
> side. Comments, corrections and hints are very welcome.
> Concerning the admin-UI:
> ------------------------
>  * Features to implement (must):
>     + Nice(er) looking GUI (the HTML/CSS stuff)
>     + Possibility to manage application objects:
>       - Add application objects (already possible, maybe some more
>         information about the possible applications in advance?)
>       - Remove application objects (even in case of 'broken objects'?)
>       - Rename application objects
>       - Introspection of application objects
>     + Management of applications'/components' contents:
>       - Possibility to "traverse"/browse contained objects
>       - Display contained objects
>       - Remove contained objects
>       - Introspection of contained objects (depending on type/ 
> interface)
>     + Interface for general tasks:
>       - Start/stop/restart zope3 instance
>       - Debugging information (trace-backs, etc.)
>  * Features to implement (nice-to-have):
>     (see above ;-)
> Concerning documentation:
> -------------------------
>  * Reference:
>     + Build a list of things to document (components, attributes,
>       decorators etc.) in a nearly automagic manner, incorporating
>       existing doc-strings (partly done).
>     + Check for consistent formatting.
>     + Fill in the 'gaps' in the reference.
>  * Tutorial:
>     + Build a list of missing topics to cover.
>     + Write text (maybe incorporating examples from various sources?)
>     + Check compatibiliy of HTML version with most common browsers
>       at least FF/IE/Safari
> The list of topics to cover in the tutorial unfortunately might become
> endless. Here some restrictions might apply. From what I learned  
> lately
> on public grok-sessions with the local Zope user group, people are  
> eager
> to work with forms (formlib) and always try first to implement a nice
> "framework" for their applications, say: they want breadcrumbs, logos
> and navigational elements. Some even first ask for AJAX-support ;-)
> Though IMHO these are not (at least currently) core elements of grok,
> the tutorial might cover such things as well more in-depth.
> I am currently doing a rewrite of some talks I had the chance to give,
> explaining formlib-forms with grok and some minor things yet not  
> seen in
> the tutorial. This might (partly) become obsolete, when a  
> customization
> of Stephan Richters cool new forms package should happen.
> I might check in all the documentation and admin-UI-stuff into the
> svn-repository (in a separate branch, of course) as soon as some
> preliminaries have been checked.
>> But we can't have enough docs...
> That's right as well.
>>> Maybe it would also be possible to outsource the docs writing so  
>>> as to
>>> get a reasonable bang for the buck, say in India, Polen, Russia,  
>>> or the
>>> Baltic states.
> Well, as already said: Google pays us also for writing docs  
> (although I
> would love to do this project even without being paid). But anyway:  
> the
> more the better.
>> The problem is that we need somebody who's familiar with Grok, and we
>> need decent English, which limits the set of people.
> This indeed is a problem. I know that my English is very limited, but
> more important from my point of view is the need for some folks really
> experienced with grok to eliminate errors in respect of content. In  
> the
> end someone must read the stuff, who is able to identify lies. I am
> personally very happy, that Philipp promised to have a look at my
> documents/code/lies.
> I hope this was not too off-topic, but Martijn told us students to  
> make
> noise. So, ehm, here you got some ;-)
> Kind regards and many thanks to all developers, writers and
> contributors, which let grok happen!
> -- 
> Uli
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