[Grok-dev] Re: grok.zope.org design proposal (ok, kill me...)

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Fri May 25 20:13:07 EDT 2007

Sebastian Ware wrote:

>>  - layout is professional
>>  - structure ("tracks") are good, clear
>>  - I don't care too much for the yellow
>>  - Way, way too little contrast on buttons and headings
>>  - Text size/layout is fine, though there seems to be a bit too  
>> much variation in the font sizes used
>>  - It's "case studies" not "case stories"
> Is it the colour yellow you don't like or do you find this yellow too  
> washed out? (all the colours are rendering more vividly in Photoshop  
> so this might need some touch ups)

Not sure. Yellow-on-white looks a bit funny, I think.

> Case Stories was more of a conceptual idea of writing fun Case  
> Studies -- more stories than studies :)

It doesn't work so well in the English language, though. ;) I'm pretty 
sure most native speakers would read that and assume it was a 
misunderstanding or a typo. "Stories" could work, or "Case studies".

>> Some deeper points:
>>  - The inclusion of the caveman is too superficial. As I said  
>> before, I *like* the logo, and the concept permeates the  
>> documentation and examples. Let's build him in, not make him an  
>> afterthought
> I found it very difficult to integrate the original caveman into a  
> design idea that I could realise with any degree of quality. This is  
> partly because of my personal limitations but also because the art  
> work is made in such a way that it doesn't play very well with web  
> design. Someone else might be able to pull this off better though.

Right, I think I understand that. I'm mostly just whingeing. :)

> So i thought it would be better to keep the caveman as a way to liven  
> up the content. :)

That feels like a bit of a cop-out to me, but we can obviously address 
this later. I suspect we'd meet half way.

>>  - We need one caveman message. The way it's presented now, it says  
>> "cavemen are stupid, this is where we try to dumb it down", which I  
>> think is broadly negative. I'd rather we didn't attach so much  
>> meaning to it, and just went with the theme as something light- 
>> hearted, personally.
> I should have been a bit clearer on the fact that the text is only  
> there to give a sense of the formatting. By bad. :)

I know, I know - just making the point, since text and style normally 
stick before you intend them to.

>>  - Similarly, the logo and branding seems to be "Grok Zope 3". I'm  
>> not sure we all agreed on that, and it's a decision that at least  
>> we ought to vote on a few different proposals for - for the final  
>> version of course, I realise you've just gone with what you have.
> What I wanted to show was that the association between Grok and Zope3  
> could be presented in a simple and natural way. I strongly believe  
> that Zope3 is one of the major competitive advantages of Grok. But, I  
> agree, no decision has been made regarding this.

I agree with your point, we should just make an explicit decision. I 
think really, it's up to Martijn, Philipp and Christian.


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