[Grok-dev] Are you interested in GrokWiki improvements?

Steve Schmechel steveschmechel at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 08:10:51 EDT 2007

While trying to grok Grok, I have made some
"improvements" to the Grok Wiki sample application. I
am not sure if you would be interested in any of the
features. They are all pretty simple and I am not sure
if any would further the purpose of "being a test bed"
or "providing guidance to new users", but here goes:

- Added ability to delete a wiki page and remove the
hyperlinks from referencing pages.
- Use ReSTructured Text as the wiki source instead of
raw html.
- Remove spaces from wiki page URL's while retaining
the link name as the text in the displayed hyperlink.
- Use the wiki page name as the html title in the
rendered page.
- Allow the html title to be changed when editing the
- Added ability to order the list of pages and hide
pages that you don't want to see in the page list.
- Modified template and stylesheet to provide a
two-column layout with navigation menu on the left.

These are mainly items I flushed out trying to use
GrokWiki as a replacement for rest2web for small sites
where I would like them to be easier to update without
running a script or moving to something like Plone.

If you want a copy, I can email or post the files
somewhere. If you only use a part of it that cool.
(I'm sure you guys could have banged this out in an
hour, so I hope it's worth your time to even look at
it.) I'm just so happy with Grok, I would like to help
out in some way if I can.

Anyway, great job with Grok. It's been a while since
I've had so much "fun" working on something like this.
I think you really hit a sweet-spot with this project.


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