[Grok-dev] Re: AJAX example for Uli using Mochikit and HTML-injection

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon May 28 16:24:15 EDT 2007

KSS sounds good, but when I looked at it I was worried that it would  
add overall complexity by being a bit of a black box. In that respect  
I would vote for choosing a very simple solution for the management  
interface, even if KSS might be the way to go from there when  
everything has matured.

I would also worry about performance.

Regards Sebastian

28 maj 2007 kl. 19.19 skrev Martin Aspeli:

> Hi Martijn
>>>  - KSS (http://kssproject.org), which is what powers AJAX in  
>>> Plone 3. This is designed so that it works in "pure Zope 3". This  
>>> is a bit "different" in that you generally don't write Java  
>>> Script at all. Take a look at the demos on that website to see  
>>> what I mean. I know Philipp did some work with KSS in Grok a  
>>> while ago.
>> We should definitely see whether we can use KSS with Grok.
> I'm pretty sure you can. kss.core should work in plain zope 3 as  
> far as I know.
>> It's definitely attractive because it seems quite declarative.
> It is.
>> This needs more examination.
> I'm using KSS right now in a separate project, and I'm quite  
> enjoying it. It fits my brain. It may not fit everyone's brains, of  
> course.
> To me, the advantage (which may be a disadvantage to others) of KSS  
> is that it imposes some common structure. You write a CSS-like file  
> which says *what* is being acted upon and which event (click,  
> change, load...) is being trapped. Then you configure one or more  
> server-side or client-side actions which react to that event. On  
> the server-side, you construct a response (via a simple API) which  
> says which commands the client should undertake, e.g. "add this CSS  
> class to this node" or "delete all nodes that have this class".
> Then, there are higher level constructs, e.g. to refresh a viewlet/ 
> content provider. This is quite pluggable, so that in Plone we have  
> standard commands for e.g. refreshing a portlet or issuing a  
> standard status message. This is attractive because the developer  
> only uses the higher level API and we can centralise and  
> standardise these primitives.
> OTOH, I don't think I'd use KSS if I wanted a JS-only application  
> (KSS is great if you want to make sure you don't implicitly rely on  
> JS, i.e. you have safe fallbacks) like Flickr or something like  
> that. You *could*, definitely, but KSS is very much about isolating  
> you from writing JS, not giving you more JS to play with.
> My experience, anyway. :)
> Martin
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