[Grok-dev] Suggested look for grok.zope.org

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Thu May 31 22:09:29 EDT 2007

I think the new "Grok Cave" look is heading in a good direction. At  
least the /evaluate page with the body text is getting there - the  
"Grok Cave" home page colours are too washed out.

More of my 2 cents from the sidelines:

  * I like the colour palette.

  * The new 'Grok guy' in the Grok Cave look is pretty good, but I  
would still love to see the original Grok illustrations.

  * What is the typeface used for 'ME GROK smash zcml' on the / 
evaluate page? I wonder if using that typeface would make a good Grok  

  * Have you considered adding global navigation tabs in the header  

  * Zope and Python logos. These would be nice to incorporate into  
the design. They might be a bit large on the 'original' site, but I  
think having them is good. I almost think putting the Zope logo where  
the campfire is would be a good location - except it would probably  
wouldn't fit in with the stone-age them there.

  * Campfire illustration: It adds to the stone-age theme, but it  
also seems to be overly prominent for just a design element. I would  
say that if we want to add a global design element, it should be the  
Grok character.

* Fixed width vs. variable width layout:

   Fixed width is good, since text is more readable when it breaks  
around 12 words per line, but maybe specify min/max widths in em  
dashes so that this layout works at alternate font sizes (i.e. min- 
width: 60em; max-width: 80em;).

   Variable width is worth considering, since there will be pages on  
this site that have code snippets, and code snippets can get quite  
long. In a fixed width design you are then limited to truncating the  
text or putting it in a scroll bars, neither of which is terribly  
attractive (we kind of have this problem in a variable width site in  
the original design right now, with when there are code snippets in  
the sidebars and in the body content side-by-site). Currently the  
longest code snippet in the tutorial is this:

Text to store: <input type="text" name="text" tal:attributes="value  
python:context.text" value="" /><br />

On May 31, 2007, at 10:26 AM, Sebastian Ware wrote:

> Hi Everybody! What do you think?
> New look "Grok Cave"
>   http://www.urbantalk.se/DEVELOPER/grok_2
>   http://www.urbantalk.se/DEVELOPER/grok_2/evaluate
> First make over "Fire Glass"
>   http://www.urbantalk.se/DEVELOPER/grok
>   http://www.urbantalk.se/DEVELOPER/grok/evaluate
> Original look "Original"
>   http://grok.zope.org/
>   http://grok.zope.org/about.html
> Mvh Sebastian
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