[Grok-dev] Referencing objects by id

Gerard Petersen lijssies at gp-net.nl
Sat Aug 2 07:42:42 EDT 2008

Hi All,

1st, forgive my n00bishness. I'm on Grok for a net time of only a couple of days now. Anyway ..

Im trying to get my head around storing objects (Customers that is) based on customer id's. An url should look like this:


It was previously (working and) based on company name and used to look like this:


I use zope's interface and schema to work with the model and suppress the id field in forms with:

"form_fields = grok.AutoFields(Customer).omit('id')"

Because of this I have to calculate a new id before storing a new customer object. From a MVC perspective I think the 'get new id' code belongs in the model class but that's a different story.

The error I get wanting to set the value for id is this:

	TypeError: 'Customer' object does not support item assignment

The snippet I use it in is this:

def handle_voeg_toe(self, **data):
    customer = Customer()

    values = list(self.context.values())
    new_id = str(len(values) + 1)

    # It breaks here!!!!
    customer['id'] = new_id

    self.context['id'] = customer
    self.applyData(customer, **data)

Changing/replacing the line in the snippet after the break point with this:

    self.context[new_id] = customer

Seemingly works because I can use this:


But then the actual 'id' attribute is not filled.

If more code or information is needed to clearify I'll gladly post it, but I consider this email long already ... :-)

Any pointers are very welcome.

Thanx a lot!

Kind regards,


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