[Grok-dev] Re: mars.* vs. grokcore.view, five.grok and releases

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Sun Aug 3 11:12:55 EDT 2008

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> I'm about to start playing with Grok browser components in Zope 2, and 
> just wanted to check on the current state of play.
> There doesn't appear to be a grokcore.view or five.grok release on PyPI. 
> Can anyone give an indication of how far off a release we are? Is svn 
> trunk stable enough to be developing against?

I was planning on releasing grokcore.security, grokcore.view and 
grokcore.formlib today ;).

five.grok OTOH still needs lot of love. I tried fixing it up as I 
refactored the various grokcore.* packages, but lately I've been 
struggling with the fake-eggs thing. Perhaps you can give it a go and 
see where the problem is?

> Also, I noticed a bunch of mars.* packages, like mars.contentprovider, 
> mars.viewlet and mars.layer. These all seem to be using a 
> 0.1dev-r<something> version. These seem to overlap with grokcore.view, 
> from what I can tell. Are they actively maintained? Worth testing?

Can't say anything about that.

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