[Grok-dev] Re: Making an interface the default module context

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Aug 4 17:35:27 EDT 2008

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> At least for Grok I personally don't have the intent of changing the 
> implicit context rules. That doesn't mean you couldn't explore 
> alternatives and enlighten us with some lessons learned :). For Grok I'd 
> personally prefer a bit more conservatism right now. We *are* trying to 
> get towards a 1.0 release, after all, and have other things on our list 
> for that.

Agreed we should be careful here.

That said, auto-associating with an interface that extends IContext 
sounds like a reasonable approach. It should of course fail in the face 
of ambiguity (a class *and* a model being around).

This would introduce auto-association with interfaces. I think that's a 
reasonably safe behavior if we require that IContext is extended, and is 
more or less analogous to what happens with classes as far as I can see.



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