[Grok-dev] FAQ section for Grok?

Danny Navarro vimes656 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 16:46:49 EDT 2008


Fernando Correa just explained me what is a grokker and what does  
grokking mean (in Grok). I thought it would be useful to add the  
explanations to a FAQ section at http://grok.zope.org

Upon your feedback I can start publishing the following questions:

- What is a Grok directive?
A Grok directive is a snippet of code meant to be interpreted by a  
grokker. [Link to Grok directives reference grok 0.14dev?]

- What is a grokker?
A grokker is a component that extracts grok directives from Python  
code so that the components are coupled by Zope component machinery  
(site manager?). You don't need to learn how to write grokkers unless  
you want to extend Grok itself.

- What does someone mean when claiming that a component has been  
It means that the grokker has acted on the component and has been  
configured by Zope machinery. It's one of the most frequent words you  
will read from Grok developers if you follow Grok-dev mailing list.

- What are the megrok packages about?
The packages that are under megrok namespace package are non-essential  
Grok packages that extend the basic functionality of Grok. Some of  
them integrate different Zope 3 packages into an easier to use Grok  
package which follows Grok conventions for sensible configuration.

- What are the grokcore packages?
These are packages that actually make Grok. You don't need to deal  
with them unless you want to understand how Grok works internally.

Actually I have been compiling a very long list of questions at the  
same time I was learning Grok and Zope3, but instead of sending them  
all, I can start publishing FAQs gradually as I learn more about Grok  
and get feedback from people who can ensure my naive answers are  



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