[Grok-dev] grokui.admin 0.1.1 released

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Aug 5 18:33:46 EDT 2008

Hi there,

grokui.admin 0.1.1 was released today. Just some minor bugfixes left
over from the refactoring (thanks to Michael Haubenwallner!).

As said before on this list, this package provides the same
functionality as the old grok.admin subpackage.

Current status is:

 * with the current Grok trunk (0.14dev) you can use the package out of 
   the box. Just add 'grokui.admin' to the dependencies of your 
   grokproject in `setup.py`, rerun `buildout` and enjoy :-)
   At least it worked like a charm when I tried it today.

 * with the current Grok release (0.13) you have to perform the step
   above and then you must modify your configure.zcml so that

       <include package="grokui.admin" />

   appears before any `<include package="grok" />` directive. I tried 
   to fiddle around with `includeOverrides`, but had no luck yet.

   Note, that there is not much sense currently in using grokui.admin
   with Grok <= 0.13, because you will get the same functionality as


 * Move all to `++grokadmin++`

   Next step is to move all functionality into an own URL namespace 
   like `++grokadmin++`.

 * Bind rootfolder

   There _will_ however, stay a view bound to the rootfolder, that
   offers the same (or a similar) intro screen as now. There are some
   pros and cons about this behaviour, but I think it is important for
   starters with grok to have something they can play around with.

   You can, of course, define your own view for the rootfolder and
   override the one defined by 'grokui.admin' in your own projects.

   Another option would be to move everything in an own URL namespace
   and people had to enter `localhost:8080/++grokadmin++/ to get the
   intro screen.

 * Remove `documentation`

   As soon as grokui.introspector is in a nice shape, the whole docgrok
   thing ('documentation' in the menu), will be removed from 
   `grokui.admin` and you then have to require the introspector package
   explicitly in `setup.py`.

 * Add `grokui.admin` to grokproject

   I would like to add `grokui.admin` to the requirements of new
   grokprojects, so that they will have an admin-UI by default.

   Developers could remove that from their projects if they want.

   This would mean some minor changes in `grokproject`.

What do you think?

Best regards,


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