[Grok-dev] Re: What would a megrok.z3cform (and a Zope2/plone.z3cform equivalent) look like?

Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Wed Aug 6 07:55:14 EDT 2008

On Wed, 06 Aug 2008 10:10:31 +0100
Martin Aspeli <optilude at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi Sylvain,


> >    I think megrok.z3cform would be nice,
> >    So here like five.grok, we could make a five.grok.z3cform, if
> > setuptools let us do so.
> +1
> I'm not sure how setuptools would react if we have a five.grok egg
> and a five.grok.z3cform egg, though.

   This works unless there is Zope 2 things imported in the __init__.py
file of five.grok (and I am sure there is). If every imported object in
__init__.py of a package is included as dependency of this last one,
setuptools will not annoys you when you are going to build/upload
packages which use this package name as namespace.

> [...]
> >    As well, we can reuse some utilities from grokcore.formlib, for
> > instance when you to add automatically the attribute field on your
> > form (like for form_fields in formlib), so do we want to have a
> > dependency of megrok.z3cform to grokcore.formlib, or factor that
> > out again ? (I think that's strange to have one support for a form
> > library relying on the code of one other, people will use only one
> > of them).
> I'd prefer not to have a dependency on grokcore.formlib if that's 
> feasible. Rather push the shared functionality into
> grokcore.formutils or something?

  I agree, but this make a yet another new grokcore package with few
code in it. We have to ask Martijn/Philipp what they think about that.

> >    As well, I would like to fix five.grok, add the missing
> > dependency, and add a simple formlib support it, I don't think here
> > I need to make a separate package for it (since formlib is in
> > grokcore for grok itself).
> +1
  I will try to do that today or tomorrow.

  Best regards,

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t +31 10 243 7051 -- http://infrae.com
Hoevestraat 10 3033GC Rotterdam -- The Netherlands
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