[Grok-dev] Re: checked in: megrok.resourcelibrary

Robert Gravina robert at gravina.com
Wed Aug 6 21:29:18 EDT 2008

On 07/08/2008, at 8:22 AM, Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> Previously Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Isn't this something that could be setup using config.ini or a wsgi
>> middleware layer? It feels like using python to configure a  
>> deployment.
> I don't think so. A package may want to ship with resources. Imagine  
> a widget that needs a javascript file present. Or a package that  
> implements a layout that needs some images. Or a package that has  
> some kss files that expect to work together with Python code.
> These resources are often intimately related with the code in the  
> Python package. It's also nice to be able to construct a virtual- 
> host aware URL for them.
> Anyway, this is not new - 'static' in Grok works this way, and Zope  
> 2 has been exposing resources for a long time as well.

I agree with Martjin here. Nevow (a Twisted web framework) has the  
concept of static resources as well, with an API similar to what I see  
here, and it works very well for me. Search for "static" in this  

The last thing I would want to be doing is having to configure a WSGI  
middleware layer just to makes some images/css/js available in my site.


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