[Grok-dev] Re: FAQ section for Grok?

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Aug 7 12:31:52 EDT 2008

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> Danny,
> I actually got started on something but it's too unfinish to be worth
> sending to you.
> What I had in mind was a very simple Grok app which would be like a
> wiki where anybody could add and edit entries and these would then be
> ordered and exported to a .rst file into the svn trunk of Grok itself.
> Perhaps you can do that and I can help if I find the time.

Just as a general note, it's often the case that documentation efforts 
by developers change into development efforts by developers to make a 
Great Documentation Tool. The drawback of this is that developers much 
rather work on Great Tools than on documentation, meaning the 
documentation isn't written as the tool isn't quite perfect yet.

That's not a personal criticism, Peter; I know you've been writing 
plenty of documentation. It's just one of the things we as a project 
should watch out for. So, by all means, Danny, just focus on writing the 
FAQ text and we'll worry about a documentation tool for it later.



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