[Grok-dev] Re: Referencing objects by id

Gerard Petersen lijssies at gp-net.nl
Fri Aug 8 15:05:58 EDT 2008

Hi Martijn,

Let me first express my sincere thanks on your elaborate feedback. That really helped me a lot!

I have a clear view on where I go from here as far as the naming is concerned. And I'll definitely look into NameChooser for turning them into readable URL's.

I'm not replying on all the feedback, and will start on doing my homework first .. :-) , there's one part in your post however I would like to respond to.

> Another option would be to exploit the underlying nature of the object 
> database itself, and just put in a plain Python reference to the 
> customer object in whatever object that needs to refer to it. 
Forgive my terminology, but by the 'plain python reference', do you mean just like you would pass on references to objects when instantiating other objects from classes?

I have no clue yet on how to do that in a grok/zope perspective, so I've decided to dig in on grok.container and get a better view on how a container relates to a model.

> this might be too tight a coupling - what do you do when the customer 
> goes away for instance?
I thought of this, and customers that leave (and thus their projects as well) shall be moved to an archive-like container (or model?) for the customer as well as there projects. So there's still a (administrative) reference but there removed from the active applicatin scope.

Again. Thanx a lot for your much appreciated feedback!!



> Regards,
> Martijn
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