[Grok-dev] Buildout fails for lovely.recipe bad version 3.4.1

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Tue Aug 12 06:35:06 EDT 2008

I tried to buildout a haufe.eggserver instance against GROK 0.1.3.
Anyone seen this?


/tmp/tmpzDObvy -q develop -mxN -d 
Installing 'zc.zope3recipes>=0.5.3'.
Picked: zc.zope3recipes = 0.7.0
Getting required 'ZConfig==2.5.1'
We have the distribution that satisfies 'ZConfig==2.5.1'.
Getting required 'zope.testing==3.5.1'
We have the distribution that satisfies 'zope.testing==3.5.1'.
Installing 'zc.recipe.filestorage'.
Picked: zc.recipe.filestorage = 1.0.1
Installing 'lovely.recipe'.
Picked: lovely.recipe = 0.3.1b8
The version, 3.4.1, is not consistent with the requirement, 
Could't load zc.buildout entry point i18n
from lovely.recipe:
Bad version 3.4.1.
  Getting section i18n.
  Initializing section i18n.
  Installing recipe lovely.recipe.
Error: Bad version 3.4.1
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