[Grok-dev] Buildout fails for lovely.recipe bad version 3.4.1

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Sat Aug 16 18:32:51 EDT 2008

Santiago Videla wrote:
> Hi
>     I meant to say that with grokproject < 0.8 we didn't yet pin the
>     versions of the recipes. Perhaps your sandbox was generated with a
>     grokproject version before 0.8?
> right, but I'm not sure what should I do.
> could you give some directives... please?? :)

In my response to Andreas I said:

philiKON: the problem is that with grok 0.13 we didn't yet pin the
            versions of the recipes
philiKON: you have a couple of options:
philiKON: a) pin lovely.recipe to an older version
            (one that doesn't require zope.app.locales >= 3.4.5)
philiKON: b) pin zope.app.locales to 3.4.5
philiKON: c) get rid of the [i18n] part

Obviously c) is the easiest but you lose functionality. For a) just use 
grokproject 0.8 to regenerate your sandbox.

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