[Grok-dev] Buildout fails for lovely.recipe bad version 3.4.1

Vincent Fretin vincent.fretin at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 13:13:56 EDT 2008

I compared zope.app.locales 3.4.1 and 3.4.5 and lovely.recipe 0.3.1b5
and 0.3.1b8. The update of the two packages are related, it just add a
functionality to parse .html files.
So it's safe to use in your buildout:
lovely.recipe = 0.3.1b8
zope.app.locales = 3.4.5

I investigated a little on the difference between i18n strings extraction tools.
lovely.recipe:i18n recipe use the extract.py module from zope.app.locales.

i18ndude use a modified copy of extract.py from zope.app.locales, and
contains a copy of interface.py and pygettext.py module from
zope.app.locales too.

The main differences I see between i18nextract and i18ndude are:
- i18ndude has support to extract string from GenericSetup, vpy and
cpy files, because the regex is `'*.*py`, not `'*.py` like
- i18nextract can extract strings from ZCML, i18ndude can't

So creating a new recipe for i18n is not necessary for grok.
lovely.recipe use already the best extraction tool.

But an i18n recipe which use i18ndude to extract strings in a Plone
product will be good, I think I'll create one, it will be my first
recipe. I don't know how to extract string from ZCML in a Plone
product, because there is no site.zcml file in a Plone buildout, there
is some magic with Five...

Vincent Fretin

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