[Grok-dev] adaption problem

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Aug 21 09:19:40 EDT 2008

Hi Toni,

I'm trying to understand your description:
> Part of the project is having a list of members and a list of users.
> A member should have at most one user account which specifies things
> like username and password for the given member. For reasons outside of
> this discussion, these are in a separate table/class.
> In any case... when I'm viewing the list of members, I'd like to add a
> user account for a given member. 

So you have a button that you can click to get a form to add a new user 
account or something like that?

> At this point, I have the id of the
> member in question as a foreign key into the other table, but don't
> seem to be able to actually grab it because I can't import from the
> module where the model is defined, but only from the corresponding
> interface, which I'm using for the GUI.

This is where you lost me. :)

You have the id of the member in question. What is "the other table" 
here? The users table? What are you trying to grab? What model is 
defined? What do you mean with 'importing'?

Unfortunately the version of bzr on my system is too old to access your 
code. Apart from that it should be possible to rephrase your underlying 
problem a bit better.

What I would do is.. I go to some member's page. Now I want to create a 
user account, so I press some button. There's a form (or there's already 
enough information) to create a new User object (which is a mapped 
object by SQLAlchemy?). The User object will have a foreign key to the 
Member object, so you can do something like myuser.member = themember

I'm not sure how adaptation is involved here at all yet.



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