[Grok-dev] Introducing Grok / KSS : feedback after 1 week

Balazs Ree ree at ree.hu
Mon Aug 25 03:00:13 EDT 2008

Hi Sebastien,

On Sat, 23 Aug 2008 02:49:40 +0200, Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Hey there,
> Thanks for the feedback! Feedback is always very welcome, and I'm very
> happy you are reporting on your experiences.
> Sebastien Douche wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> A small post after familiarized Grok (+ KSS) in my company, with
>> Godefroid (__gotcha) as Guest Star.
>> + Using Grok is easy.
>> + Using KSS is very easy.

Thank You. We are happy to see that our work brings value to others.

>> - Lack of KSS support for Zope 3 application (not Plone).
> Could you elaborate? Perhaps Godefroid can also describe what he thinks
> the plan should be.

I would like to join Martijn on this: can you please elaborate or file a 
bug report about this issue? Till now, kss.core officially supported 
Zope3, and I was not aware of this problem or remember any discussion 
thread about it on the kss mailing list. In my opinion if there is a 
problem with this, we need to fix it immediately.

Please also note that although consulting with Godefroid will certainly 
give you a lot of insight about the kss core development, the kss 
development strategy and decisions are not decided by Godefroid 
alone, but together with the core developer team. Therefore it's 
important to inform the rest of the developers as well about issues in 
kss. Unfortunately neither Jeroen nor I are able to get any information 
or feedback from Godefroid since the last Grok sprint, we are still 
waiting for his final opinion about the long discussion about the 
commandsets issue, where we seemed to settle to a consensus with Jeroen 
and Martijn, and he brought no other Zope3 issue to our knowledge, since 

Therefore, I propose that you share the complete information about this 
Zope3 issue with us, and bring it up on the kss mailing list (maybe 
crossposted to this list as well), where it can be discussed openly, and 
a proper decision can be made.

Best wishes,

Balazs Ree

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