[Grok-dev] Introducing Grok / KSS : feedback after 1 week

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Aug 25 07:12:32 EDT 2008

Hi there,

Fernando Correa Neto wrote:
[snip the book on z3c.form]
> So, I am not going to say that its impossible to create a convenience
> package for it but yeah, it requires people to have a very good
> understanding about it.

I agree that a good understanding is necessary and that doing the right 
thing concerning conveniences is a significant challenge. It's a 
challenge we know about with the Grok project though - after all some of 
the things Grok already made more convenient *also* require quite a bit 
of understanding of Zope 3.

> We have scratched out a a very rough convenience package of what a
> megrok.z3cform would look like but we got stuck on the naming thing
> and namespace stuff and ended up doing nothing.

I didn't realize we got stuck on the naming thing. megrok.z3cform it is, 

What namespace stuff is this?

> So, is there anyone working on "cave-hiding" style and will come up
> with a complete package all of a sudden or can we just check in a
> convenience package that will provide add, edit and display forms with
> some skin setup for now?

Please check in the convenience package for now! Perfection should not 
be the enemy of good. :)

> I don't think we need to figure the skin/layer stuff right now....we
> just need to have something so people can look at and improve it.

I fully agree. This is a base people can work from and experiment with. 
We can always improve it from there.

I am very sorry if I was the cause of stopping progress on this package. 
In my discussions on layers and such I was trying to figure out how we 
might go about resolving this issue, not intending to block any other 
progress at all!

>> The major improvement for us is megrok.z3cform. If the package is not
>> available for November, we want paying a core developer to make the
>> job. Same thing with kss.core for pure Zope3.
> Well, I am NOT a core developer but I can contribute if needed. Even
> with code, use cases/experience.

This is great to hear. I'm very glad you've been doing work on this 
Fernando and would encourage you to continue! I am still looking for 
opportunities to try out z3c.form myself in a project, but eventually 
I'll get some. :)



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