[Grok-dev] Announcing DBSprockets 0.2 Release Candidate

percious chris at percious.com
Sun Feb 17 12:40:07 EST 2008

I am pleased to announce the first DBSprockets 0.2 Release Candidate.
This release comes shipped as 100% code-coverage tested for all API
modules (non-dbmechanic).

Many thanks to my beta-testers and developers who have submitted
patches, especially Nathan McBride, Michael Brickenstein, and Jason
Kirtland.  Thanks to Alberto Valverde, who's work with Toscawidgets is
invaluable to this project.

The biggest part of v0.2 is probably Primitives, which give developers
an easy way to generate web content from database definitions.  If you
have a sql database, and want fast web content, this might be the
ticket.  A simple few simple calls to table reflection with
SQLAlchemy, and you can use makeForm, makeTable, and getTableData to
generate web content.

The second notable module in this release is the DBMechanic, which
allows you to do all of your database crud with about 3 lines of code
added to your Controller.

Supported on this release are TG1.0 and TG2.0-preview with both
Primitives and DBMechanic.  Primitives have also been verified in
Grok, which took a certain amount of work with respect to wsgi and
Toscawidgets.  Mysql and sqlite are supported with this release,
Posgres has been tested and is shown to work with dbsprockets.

There are no known Issues to date.

Everything you need to know to get up and running with DBSprockets is



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