[Grok-dev] the projects in progress

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Feb 21 08:21:21 EST 2008

Hi there,

It looks like it's time to look at our in-progress projects to see 
whether we can get them finished and rolled into Grok. This also ties 
into our 1.0 release, which doesn't seem to be moving forward. I'm going 
to ignore any 1.0 release plans for the time being and just focus on 
getting the projects into Grok. I imagine whatever gets into Grok before 
1.0 is released is going to be in 1.0. :)

Please remind me if I'm missing your favorite project!


Uli has been working hard on making test setup easier. He split out this 
functionality into a separate package, z3c.testsetup. This needs to be 
reviewed by someone. Volunteers?

Once it's reviewed and looks okay, we need to come up with a plan for 
integration into Grok. I think this might be as much as making 
z3c.testsetup a dependency in Grok's setup.py, and a few convenience 
imports in grok.testing perhaps. Is that correct Uli?

The documentation Uli wrote in his email message to the list a few days 
ago should make a good starting point for what we need to put on our site.

viewlets in Grok

At the Snow Sprint, Tim Terlegård, myself and Robert Marianski worked on 
Kevin Smith's viewlet integration and changed it around a lot. Here is 
our work, close to mergeable:


We need to check a few things before we do the merge though:

* do we have a test for grok.viewletmanager defined on the
module-level? (as opposed to the class?)

* do we have tests for grok.view explicit association? If not explicit
I imagine it's associated with interface now, do we have a test for

* we need to make viewletmanager use the grok.order functionality for
the default sort (and have tests for it).

I think this is not much work, and I'm hoping Tim Terlegård will end up 
doing it. :)


Also at the Snow Sprint, myself, Robert Marianski and Ethan Jucovy 
worked on z3c.autoinclude. We had this code checked into an external 
OpenPlans SVN previously, but Robert got himself commit rights after the 
sprint and migrated it into svn.zope.org. Thanks Robert!

This provides a <autoinclude package="." /> directive you can place in 
your packages. After this, in most cases, you can forget about having to 
do <include ..> statements for your package's dependencies ever again. 
We need to:

* make grokproject produce this <autoinclude ..> bit automatically when 
creating a new project.

* provide some documentation for this, including how to adjust your 
current projects to use this (add the aforementioned line), and 
something about what to do if it doesn't work (use additional manual 

* make Grok depend on z3c.autoinclude in its setup.py

I think again this isn't much work. Do we have volunteers?

I'm going to test this code in my own project. We can also investigate 
whether Grok can use it itself for its own dependencies, which should 
make Grok's maintenance a bit easier.


I'm going to review Grok's branches next, to see about their status (and 
to remove them mercilessly if they look obsolete):


This looks recent. What is this about? Christian? Does this somehow 
relate to the viewlets work or is it independent?


This is not actually a branch of Grok, but an entirely different project 
hiding out in 'branches'. Someone should move this into its own package, 
or into a subpackage of Grok itself. Volunteers?


I've removed this as it's most likely obsolete after the work we did at 
the Neanderthal sprint which added pluggable template languages.


A prototype of a viewlet alternative. I'll leave this in there for 
inspiration, but I strongly suspect it can be removed as the viewlet 
work will obsolete it.


I've removed this as we have layers integrated in the Grok core for a 
long time now.


Kevin Smith's initial viewlets prototype. This was a very useful 
starting point, but the branch got obsoleted now by the newer viewlet 
branch, so I am removing this.


Awaiting my return to the tutorial...


I'm leaving this branch in for reference. It excludes various packages 
explicitly. We may take the dependency on the ZCML exclude directive 
into the mainline of Grok - I think it's just a setup.py dependency. 
Lennart, comments on that?


Philipp's factoring out of various bits of Grok into an external 
package. Philipp, can you comment on the status of this?


The pluggable template work. This got merged into Grok itself, so I'm 
removing this.


Our first attempt on viewlets at the snowsprint. This work continued in 
snowsprint-viewlets2, so this one is obsolete. I'm removing it.


Uli, this is old i18n work. I know there's i18n work on the trunk, is 
this now obsolete? Is there a document on how to use the i18n somewhere 
available, by the way?


Uli worked on this recently, so I imagine this may be the work on the 
z3c.testsetup integration into the core. Comments, Uli?


Uli and I worked on this during the Neanderthal sprint. Uli, is this 
code being maintained elsewhere now or is this package still relevant?



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