[Grok-dev] the projects in progress

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Feb 21 21:46:35 EST 2008

Hi there,

Martijn Faassen wrote:

> It looks like it's time to look at our in-progress projects to see 
> whether we can get them finished and rolled into Grok. This also ties 
> into our 1.0 release, which doesn't seem to be moving forward. I'm going 
> to ignore any 1.0 release plans for the time being and just focus on 
> getting the projects into Grok. I imagine whatever gets into Grok before 
> 1.0 is released is going to be in 1.0. :)
> Please remind me if I'm missing your favorite project!
> z3c.testsetup
> -------------
> Uli has been working hard on making test setup easier. He split out this 
> functionality into a separate package, z3c.testsetup. This needs to be 
> reviewed by someone. Volunteers?
> Once it's reviewed and looks okay, we need to come up with a plan for 
> integration into Grok. I think this might be as much as making 
> z3c.testsetup a dependency in Grok's setup.py, and a few convenience 
> imports in grok.testing perhaps. Is that correct Uli?

Yepp :-) It's already done. The grok integration can be found in
grok/branches/ulif-testsetup branch. See below.

> jasper-grokdoctool
> ------------------
> This is not actually a branch of Grok, but an entirely different project 
> hiding out in 'branches'. Someone should move this into its own package, 
> or into a subpackage of Grok itself. Volunteers?

I can take care for that. 

Furthermore, I might have a much more complete solution available for
the whole doc-tree for the 1.0 release. Georg Brandl, who wrote the
excellent new Python doctool engine 'sphinx', improved his package so
that we could use it out-of-the-box for local, very nice looking
documentation (including PDFs). Georg and others of the Python community
did a great job there!

This would give us a possibility to maintain an 'authorative' set of
docs beside the documents on the website. At least the reference could
be viewed and maintained in the used formats.

It might be my personal candidate for the 'prefered projects' section.

> ulif-i18n
> ----------
> Uli, this is old i18n work. I know there's i18n work on the trunk, is 
> this now obsolete?

Ooh, I'll have a look into this. What other i18n-support is currently
going on?

>  Is there a document on how to use the i18n somewhere 
> available, by the way?

Hm, the unit doctest


might serve. For short it's an extension that provides a module-level


to avoid the need of registering locales-dirs in ZCML configs. It does
not require people to explicitly set a localesdir, but will look for a
`locales/` dir locally then and register it as a translation directory
if found. Explicitly calling the directive changes this behaviour.

> ulif-testsetup
> --------------
> Uli worked on this recently, so I imagine this may be the work on the 
> z3c.testsetup integration into the core. Comments, Uli?

This is the grok integration of z3c.testsetup. It's already finished and
can be reviewed. The code is in


and documentation (with a bunch of samplesetups) in


The documentation in 


might also be helpful.

As Martijn guessed, it is basically only import of z3c.testsetup stuff.
The difference is, that the grok version has another fallback ZCML file:
it takes the grok ftesting.zcml as fallback instead of the (nearly
empty) ftesting.zcml of z3c.testsetup.

> ulif-viewinfo
> -------------
> Uli and I worked on this during the Neanderthal sprint. Uli, is this 
> code being maintained elsewhere now or is this package still relevant?

I think it's relevant, but I'm currently a bit busy. I could move it for
the time being to a sandbox branch. 

Kind regards,


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