[Grok-dev] a mystery ZODB breaking dependency issue

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri Feb 22 08:46:23 EST 2008

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> I use Nginx as a proxy for the application, but not when I run it  
> locally on my development machine. This might have something to do  
> with the problem.

This sounds not too likely to me.

>  Anyway, the error occurs in the following code at  
> "if self.cookieLifetime is not None:".

I found out that the ``cookieLifetime`` attribute was removed from
``CookieClientIdManager`` during switch from `zope.app.session` 3.4.0a1
to `zope.app.session` 3.4.2. To be more precise: it was turned into a

If on your local platform `zope.app.session` >= 3.4.2 is installed, the
0.10 version of Grok might use it (because there were no pinned versions
i 0.10) and then clash when Data.fs is transfered to 0.11, which uses
3.4.0a1. This might also be a reason for other 0.10-based data to fail
under 0.11.

The strange situation in this case would be, that your 0.10 Grok uses
too recent versions and is in a way 'newer' than 0.11.x.

I'm really not sure, whether this is the reason, nor how to fix it
properly, but you might try to use a more recent version of
zope.app.session with your 0.11 Grok (edit the versions.cfg, if you run
a buildout version). This might give us a hint. Which version of
zope.app.session is included in the bin/test of your 0.10 Grok?

Kind regards,


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