[Grok-dev] Re: ANN: New Grok Powered Website

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Feb 26 09:21:42 EST 2008


Kevin Smith wrote:
> As far as import/export is concerned, I was very happy with Zope2's 
> .zexp files. AFAICT the only thing that prevents the ZODB built-in 
> import/export mechanism from working is that it pickles __parent__ which 
> means exporting *anything* exports the *entire* database.
> I actually had basic pickling working for awhile but didn't have the 
> time/know-how to isolate the issue to see if an upgrade to Grok/Zope3 or 
> programming on my part broke it.

Yes, it would be nice to have such a facility in some kind of developer 

> I did see stumble across your "secret"  work in Zope SVN on an export 
> alternative, but from what I saw took more manual configuration than I 
> had time to implement.

Yes, it needs far more manual work. The goal is to produce readable 
exports that can be synchronized over SVN, but as a result it is less 

[catalog scaling limitations]
> My solution was to create a new Catalog for each year's worth of 
> content. For my use case this works. I didn't want to add the additional 
> overhead of real RDB interactions and lucene which may make a more 
> generalized solution.

Understood. I think we should come up with an easy-to-deploy solution 
for this kind of scalability usecase though. I don't know whether the 
answer really lies in an external index, or whether there are ways to 
get more performance out of the catalog indexes instead.

>> Could you elaborate on the additional field indexes you created, and 
>> you mean by adding context to hurry.query?
> Unless they've been added since 0.9, I've cherry-picked a few of the 
> field indexes from zc.catalog on an as needed basis.
> Content is divided by year. So each year is  a site with it's own 
> /++etc++site and it's own Catalog. Currently hurry.query doesn't allow 
> for context although getUtility does. Here's how I tweaked hurry.query


> Thanks you, and hopefully I'll be able to open time to contribute 
> properly in the future ( I don't even remember implementing the viewlets 
> branch!)

That would be great! To start out, if you think your context work can be 
of general interest could you perhaps prepare a branch/patch for 
hurry.query? The same applies to exposing more indexes from zc.catalog 
through Grok.



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