[Grok-dev] GrokDocs or: documentation for lazy developers

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Fri Feb 29 03:02:32 EST 2008

> Please tell me, what you think!

Goooooo documentation!

Grok needs docs. More docs, better docs! Having a set of carefully  
reviewed/core docs is a good idea.

I like the "Full Screen" layout of the docs. The Table of Contents for  
the Tutorial is nice too, and the Reference works very well in this  

The content could use some tweaking. I would say that evaluation  
content such as "About Grok" only needs to be on the web site (and  
probably a few other bits, "Reporting Bugs"? There is an old bits such  
as the original 'design' notes that should perhaps be moved/archived  

The Reference needs more content and polish! I'm willing to do some  
work on filling this out some more (as well as do some CSS tweaking),  
should I commit to the 'ulif-grokdocs' branch?

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