[Grok-dev] adding objects to context from __init__

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 7 06:49:32 EDT 2008

John de la Garza wrote:


> I mean the variable text gets persisted between restarts of the  
> server, but if we added a list by doing this:
> class Sample(grok.Application, grok.Container):
>      list = []

comment from a lurker:

Browsing through the tutorial I've seen that the important
topic of persisting mutable objects is covered (good!) by
using the '_p_changed' magic but I just want to ask the
question whether people consider this to be best practice?

At least I switched to using the persistent types that the
ZODB provides for exactly that reason (PersistentList and
PersistentMapping). Maybe this could be mentioned somewhere
in the tutorial? (unless it is and I just messed it)


> it would be reset to empty every time we restarted the server
> I'd expect text='default text' to have the same resetting as list=[]
> What am I over looking?

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