[Grok-dev] Moving a Zope3 app to Grok

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sun Oct 12 21:03:21 EDT 2008

> The server fails to start because it found that I am importing pyparsing
> in one of my files.  Now of course pyparsing is in my default eggs
> directory.  
> ~snip~
>     ImportError: No module named pyparsing

It doesn't look like pyparsing is getting picked up in your list of
eggs? This project is listed in your eggs config in your [app] section
or within the install_requires field of your setup.py file? And you've
re-run ./bin/buildout after editing this? You should see pyparsing
listed in parts/app/runzope once it's being properly picked up ...

After for automagically merging them, I'm not aware of anyway to do
this other than manual reviewing the buildout.cfg and copying the
approriate bits over.

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