[Grok-dev] grokproject/buildout problems

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Sep 4 20:48:29 EDT 2008

Hi Maurits,

Maurits van Rees wrote: 
> Uli Fouquet, on 2008-09-04:
> >
> > Looking over svn.zope.org, there is the ``z3c.recipe.i18n`` maintained
> > by Roger Ineichen which confines itself to do i18n-stuff. Looks like
> > what we really want. Unfortunately I could not find it in the PyPI
> > repository although an approriate URL in setup.py is set. As a result
> > buildout fails to download the recipe. If this recipe would be on PyPI,
> > I'd think about switching to it. 
> >
> > Are there any reasons against doing so?
> What put me off last time I looked at that package was that the recipe
> has a mandatory zcml option, like this:
> zcml = <include package="z3c.recipe.tests" file="extract.zcml" />"

Right. When experimenting with it I set it to an empty string in the
buildout config and it worked. Strange behaviour for a mandatory option.
I didn't get the meaning of this `zcml` switch. Is it for translating
strings in ZCML files? 

Furthermore the test examples seem to be outdated and the option
handling is strange: setting `pythonOnly = False` leads to the opposite
result than expected. Beside this I had no problems here with the recipe
in a normal Grok project and the following buildout section::

  recipe = z3c.recipe.i18n:i18n
  packages = sample
  eggs = sample
  domain = sample
  location = src/sample
  output = src/sample/locales
  zcml = 

worked fine. I only tested `i18nextract`.

> I am personally in favour of i18ndude, as that is what I have used in
> all my Plone projects.  It has the same base as z3c.recipe.i18n,
> namely the scripts from zope.all.locales.

Interesting. It pulls in `plone.i18n`, right? Although this is a very
Zope 3 compliant package, I am not sure whether we like to have the
`plone` namespace in Grok.

> There is not yet a recipe that is built around i18ndude though; I
> think I may create that some day if someone does not beat me to it.

Nice :-) That might be a solution, but wouldn't it be faster (and less
violent) simply to publish z3c.recipe.i18n on PyPI (without beating

Kind regards,


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