[Grok-dev] template association - suboptimal magic?

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 02:31:57 EDT 2008

Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
> Whenever you mention "the (view) component's classname (lower-cased)",
> what is actually looked up is the component "name", as defined by
> grok.name(). If grok.name() is missing on the component, the default
> behaviour is to use the lowercase of the class name.

That's not what I see happening in
grokcore.view.templatereg.checkTemplates(). What I see there is:

  factory_name = factory.__name__.lower()

where a few lines later this factory name is used to lookup a template
(in case there was no grok.template() directive used).


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