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Jasper Spaans jasper at vs19.net
Fri Sep 5 10:35:34 EDT 2008

Hi fellow grokophiles,

I received the following message from adbard, an open source online  
advertising outfit, in which they're offering $15 of free advertising  
on their network. As I don't run any OSS website needing more traffic  
right now, I'd like to donate it to grok. Do we have banners or other  
marketing material available for this kind of thing, or is somebody  
with a gimp-talent willing to make something?

Or is grok not ready for prime-time yet, and should I try to find  
another good cause?


Begin doorgestuurd bericht:

> From: support at adbard.net
> Subject: [Ad Bard Network]  August 2008 Earnings Report
> Offers:
> -------
> As we continue to work to attract advertisers, we're offering you a
> $15 coupon to apply toward advertising your own website on the Ad Bard
> Network.  If you do not have a need for this coupon, please share it
> with someone that does.  Don't wait, as the coupon is only valid for  
> two
> weeks, expiring on September 15'th, 2008.  The coupon can be applied
> toward a single banner ad, a text ad, or a block ad.  To use the  
> coupon,
> your bid must be between $0.10 per click and $0.25 per click.  Your
> advertisement must be in English, and relevant to Free and Open Source
> Software.  We encourage you to participate in this offer.

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