[Grok-dev] grok and ldap auth

Jens Adner j.adner at fh-sm.de
Tue Sep 16 04:39:58 EDT 2008


I'm new here. I have some experience with zope2 and plone and ldap  
auth. I'm locking for a framework to create a small webapp for  
authenticating our students against the global ldap database.

We changed from perl and php to python in our system programming and  
I'm happy  with python, so grok seems to be a good choice for this task.

Maybe anyone  can help me in programming a ldap interface for grok  
auth. I tried some of the example codes for grok, but now I need some  
help for the first steps.

I read about ldappas and ldapadapter, but I don't know how to use them  
in zope3 (grok) to make a view restricted for ldap users.

I'n the near future, i18n and mysql data models are in the point of  

Sorry for my english
Regards Jens

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