[Grok-dev] Towards Grok 0.14

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Wed Sep 17 03:03:24 EDT 2008

Martijn Faassen schrieb:
> Hi everybody,
> The summer is over, I moved house, it's time to look at a Grok 0.14 release.
> Let's look at what we have now. We spun off a lot of stuff:
> * grok.admin has been spun off into grokui.admin
> * there's also grokcore.view, grokcore.security and grokcore.formlib. 
> Why aren't these listed in Grok's CHANGES.txt, though? Has 
> grokcore.formlib been finalized and merged into trunk?
> We've also worked on some changes to the way Grok works:
> * the way skins get set up has changed, from 'grok.Skin' to a directive 
> you can set on any layer. We should also fix up the way we do REST this way.
> * Soon JW and I hope to change a few things to the way grok.View picks 
> up templates.
> Finally, we started to make sure the tests on the trunk run with Python 
> 2.5. I think Grok 0.14 should mark the official release to support 
> Python 2.5. Someone please test this scenario on windows!
> Looks like we won't make it with out-of-the-box WSGI support in this 
> release; a major wishlist item for this release. We need people to drive 
> this process.
> Any items that are in progress on the trunk right now and haven't been 
> finished yet?
> Shall we set a release date for Grok 0.14 later this month/early october?
> This also ties into grokproject; recently I posted a list of issues with 
> it and I hope we can release a new version of grokproject (and 
> eggbasket, etc) that fixes some of these soon.
> Regards,
> Martijn

Hi Martijn,

recently Roger published a z3c.recipe.i18n [1].
If someone give me a go I will exchange the
lovely.recipe with the z3c.recipe.i18n stuff.

cheers Christian

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