[Grok-dev] Towards Grok 0.14

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Mon Sep 22 06:05:36 EDT 2008


(Sorry, I haven't paid much attention to the grok list - or other
lists - the past week.)

Martijn Faassen, on 2008-09-17:
> Right now we still have multiple accesses to the web by multiple tools:
> * easy_install: grokproject
> * grokproject: access current grok version
> * grokproject: download versions list
> * eggbasket recipe: download eggbasket tarball

I just released 0.4.0 with these changes:

* When the download fails, do not say "Continuing with buildout
  instead" as the downloader just exits then and it is up to the
  calling code or the user to continue the buildout if so wished.

* When installing the requirements from the tarball, we now look in
  the default index (python cheese shop usually) when the requirements
  can not be met by only the tarball.  This should not happen, but it

> * buildout/setuptools: download any eggs that weren't in the eggbasket (bug)
> There's quite a bit that can go wrong with that still. Different tools 
> can fail in different ways.
> We could limit this to:
> * download tarball which contains install script, grokproject, all 
> required Python packages, versions list

If we add some scripts, a versions list and some more packages in the
current tarball, the eggbasket recipe will continue to work, so that
should be fine.  This *does* mean that we will not look on the web for
the latest version, but only look in the tarball.  So this may give
users an older version.  But there *is* less that can go wrong.  And a
new release of grok should be followed soon by a new release of the
big tarball and of grokproject.  So that should not really be a

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