[Grok-dev] finishing reference docs

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Mon Sep 22 19:23:21 EDT 2008

To work on the docs:

 1. Check out grok from trunk.
 2. Bootstrap and run ./bin/buildout. This will install the Sphinx 0.4
egg and create a ./bin/grokdocs2html script.
 3. Run ./bin/grokdocs2html. This will read the ./doc/ ReST files as
input and output ./build/html/ files.
 4. Modify ./doc/ files. Re-run grokdocs2html. Preview work.
 5. Commit to svn.

I'm dusting off my "grok documentor" hat, and am going to start
working on these items right now:

> components
> ----------
> grok.Application
> grok.Model
> grok.Indexes
> grok.PageTemplate
> grok.PageTemplateFile
> grok.*Form

Aside from the Reference docs, there are a few XXX spots I think in
the tutorial and other places that could use a little proofreading and

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