[Grok-dev] grokproject/buildout problems

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Sep 23 12:43:46 EDT 2008

Hi Maurits,

Am Montag, den 22.09.2008, 15:38 +0000 schrieb Maurits van Rees:
> Uli Fouquet, on 2008-09-22:
> > This should be fixed with a new `grokproject` release due to the switch
> > to `z3c.recipe.i18n` :-)
> I am not sure about that recipe.  At least the bin/i18nstats stopped
> working after I did an i18nmergeall (no languages were reported) and
> i18nmergeall itself did not mark a translation as fuzzy.  But perhaps
> the lovely recipe has the same problem; not checked.

Hm, I added some tests and they work here as expected (for all
i18nscripts). However, I am not familiar with fuzzy translations. How
can I force a translation to be fuzzy? Do the existing tests pass on
your machine?

Unfortunately I noticed some other problems when testing on a Win2K
machine (hadn't done that for centuries which is evil, I know):

* Eggbasket fails to remove directories on Windows

  the eggbasket recipe is not able to remove temporary dirs (IOError: 
  Permission denied on os.unlink(temp_tarball_name), downloader.py, 
  line 81), which seems to be a common problem there (also for Windows 
  XP at least):


  and in the end comes down to::

    Comment By: Fredrik Lundh (effbot)
    Date: 2006-02-06 21:50

    If Python gives you a permission error, that's because
    Windows cannot remove the file.  Windows does, in general,
    not allow you to remove files that are held open by some

  This led to a complete abort of the installation process.

* `zopectl` needs module ``win32api`` on Windows

  Furthermore you need a `win32api` package which seems to come with   
  'ActiveState-Python' only to triffer `zopectl`. It is required by 

  I was not aware of that requirements before but I think we need a 
  'Windows' section in our installation notes.


> > After downloading `zc.buildout` and installing `eggbasket` in
> > `grokproject` we run buildout with the '-q' option. Maybe we should make
> > the output visible? Or at least respect any verbosity options passed to
> > buildout?
> Fixed: we now respect the verbosity.

Great :-) Thanks!

Best regards,


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