[Grok-dev] remove roles vom principal

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Sep 24 02:43:52 EDT 2008

> I don't know if it is available in the code below, but you could try.
> The general way to learn more about how different components work is
> really to look at the source code. Go to your egg-folder and find the
> folder
>   zope.securitypolicy
> You will get many hints by looking at the different tests and
> doctests. Examining the interfaces and actual code is quite useful  
> too.

Note that browsing through the source "an egg at a time" is sometime  
nice, since you are working with fewer files (and you can make some  
nice shell aliases for opening an egg in your editor quickly), but if  
you want to dump all the eggs into the pan and see them all at once  
you can make an omelette with collective.recipe.omelette. This is as  
easy as:

parts = ... omelette

recipe = collective.recipe.omelette
eggs = ${app:eggs}

Re-run ./bin/buildout and you'll see a collection of symlinks in ./ 
parts/omelette/ that let you browse the source as a cohesive whole :)

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