[Grok-dev] Is it feasible to intermingle a Zope3 application with Grok?

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Fri Sep 26 08:23:38 EDT 2008

rogererens wrote:
> I'm about to learn Zope3 because I'm getting involved in an application
> (OSHIP) that's being built with it. Since Grok aims to make developing Zope3
> based applications easier, I'm wondering if it's possible to start using
> Grok with an existing application (uhm, well, it doesn't exist really yet,
> it's still very alpha)? Is there some sort of migration path/advice?
> Or would it involve a complete rewrite?

There are some differences in the typical directory layout. It's mostly 
mechanical, but you probably want to stay away from such a big change if 
you already have a considerable code base.

Note that you can write a bare Zope 3 application and still take 
advantage of some Grok goodies by using grokcore.component, 
grokcore.view, etc.

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