[Grok-dev] five.grok - what changed to break this?

sylvain at infrae.com sylvain at infrae.com
Sat Sep 27 11:53:57 EDT 2008

> sylvain at infrae.com wrote:
>>   Ha, I don't use such scripts, because I still have a lot of unused
>> extension in my src that I don't always included evrything. By the way,
>> you have a release of grokcore.view which should be ok, you don't need
>> anymore to have it as a development egg, unless you plan to make change
>> on it; Same goes for grokcore.component, security and formlib.
> and five.grok?

  No, it's not released yet. I think it need more tests, and some use case
have still to be implemented on formlib's form.

  After, I think we should open a discussion, with Godefroid and Lennart,
to known what we want to have in the first release of five.grok. I think
it's going to be a lot of work to implement all the grok functionnality
in five.grok for the first release, so I think we determine a set of
feature we want to have. I think the current set is fine for a first
release, we have all *core* features needed to build a simple


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