[Grok-dev] five.grok alpha anyone?

sylvain at infrae.com sylvain at infrae.com
Sun Sep 28 12:02:23 EDT 2008


> Lennart Regebro wrote:
>> I've just made my first actual five.grok product, soon ready. I also
>> realized that it's a bit stupid to make it a five.grok product,
>> because it doesn't need to, it's very simple and should in fact
>> probably have been an external method so it could be used under Plone
>> 2.0 and stuff. Ah well, can't be bothered to change that right now.
>> Anyway, for easy installation it would be good if five.grok gets an
>> egg. Do people feel happy about an alpha release of five.grok?
> +1 - I would really like to stop having a develop egg of it in the
> Dexterity buildout. ;)

  I agree as well, for Silva I am going to need one as well since I want
to release Silva 2.2 alpha which use it.

> Importantly, though - do we have any sense of what remains to be done in
> five.grok before we can release it fully? It'd be good to get a roadmap
> of sorts.

  I agree on the fact to have a roadmap.

  Yesterday I added some stuff to the readme `howto`. I think this one
should be complete before to do a release.

  Best regards,


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